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Vibco VS-250 - Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator


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Vibco VS-250 Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator

VIBCO VS Silent Turbine Vibrators are an ideal choice for material conveying systems, hoppers, screeds, rough duty applications and concrete forms.

Use VIBCO VS Turbine Vibrators on any new installation or to replace your old, noisy, messy ball or piston vibrators.

VIBCO VS Turbine Vibrators feature a built-in muffler, are virtually noiseless, and are ideal for rough applications.

Rated for continuous duty.

Available in a variety of food-grade and sanitary finishes.

7200 VPM, 10.5 CFM, @ 80 PSI, with 500 lbs. of force. 70 dB.


A Filter-Regulator is recommended for optimum life & performance.

Shipping Weight: 5.4 lbs.


60 psi

VPM: 5500

CFM: 9

80 psi

VPM: 7200

CFM: 10.5

Force lbs: 500

Force Newtons: 2225

DB: 70

Max Lbs Material in Bin: 5000

Weight: 5 lbs

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