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Atrix Omega HEPA Abatement Vacuum


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The Atrix Omega Hepa portable vacuum is a powerful, compact, economical tool to for any abatement project. The HEPA vacuum is made from rugged, high-impact Starex flame-retardant ABS polymer. It's self-contained HEPA filter cartridge is easy and safe to clean and replace.

The Omega vacuum is extremely quiet and operates at less than 73 dB. It uses a 120V motor that requires 20% less energy than standard HEPA vacuums. Accessories store conveniently in the lid.

Order Information: The Omega Vacuum System includes HEPA Filter, 6 Clear Hose, 16 Flexible Wand, Crevice Tool, Crevice Tool Brush Insert, Utility Nozzle, Utility Nozzle Brush and Shoulder Strap. Beater bar brush to meet certain EPA RRP requirements sold separately. Optional Packpack harness available.

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