Industrial Safety Products, Personal Fall Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hepa Vacuums, Industrial Vibrators, Railroad Safety Products.


Hastings Fiber Glass Products is a reputable manufacturer of Electrical Safety Products. Hastings Fiberglass, based in Michigan, has come to be known for making safe, dependable hot line tools and equipment to linesmen, utility companies and electricians around the worlds. As originator of the Tel-0-Pole telescoping hot stick and many other patented products, Hastings Fiberglass is considered to be the industry innovator of hot line tools and equipment.

Among its most known products are Telescoping Hot Sticks, its Tel-o-Pole II the no twist stick, Insulated Ratchet Cutters, Sectional and telescoping shotgun sticks, Regulator Neutral Detectors, Digital High Voltage Phasing Meters, Hot Line Indicators, Hot Stick Testers and Ground / Jumper Assembly Te