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Nolan SWB-IN Rerailer, Inside 110-141 Lb Rail


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Nolan SWB-IN Rerailer

Designed to re-track all types of locomotives and rail cars smoothly and efficiently

Used in pairs, right and left

Cast in a special ductile alloy

Lugs on the underside of the rerailers prevent sliding past the first tie

Can be spiked to the tie or clamped to the rail using the optional SWC wedge-type locking system

SW rerailers are sold per unit, but must be used in pairs a pair consists of one inside rerailer (SWA-IN) and one outside rerailer (SWA-OUT). The SWC Clamp is optional.


Load capacity : 200 TONS

RAIL SIZE : 110-141lb

WEIGHT : 181lbs.each(82kg)

NOTE: This unit is not recommended for multiple rerailments. A rerailment may cause stress points which may result in failure.

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