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Supervac SV3-20, Rescue Chain Saw


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Supervac SV3-20, Rescue Chain Saw

The SV3-20 is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations. Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials.

SVC3-20 Features

Full Wrap Depth Gauge added safety, set from 0? to 8?

Chisel Chain .404 carbide tooth chain takes big bites out or multiple layers

Easy Start includes momentary contact switch that leaves the saw in the ON position, a compression release that reduces cylinder pressure by 50% and a choke knob that simultaneously sets the throttle and choke

Aluminum Pull Handle durable and designed with thick rescue gloves in mind

Airmaster Filtration System 3 chambered sytem stops large particles before they reach the secondary filter

Full Wrap Handle makes front facing and overhead operations easier

Lateral Chain Tensioning developed for fast, and on-the-go adjustments

2 Year Warranty

SV3-20 Specs Engine Dolmar, 2-stroke, 78.5cc, 5.7 BHP 4.3 kw

HxWxD 11.25? x 13? x 38.5? 286mm x 330mm x 978mm

Weight 21.6 lbs 9.8 kg

RPM 12,800

Bar 20? 508mm

Chain Pitch .404? 10.2mm

Chain Gauge .050? 1.27mm

Fuel Capacity 25.36oz .75 l

Kit Includes: (1) Saw with D-Ring Handle

(1) Spare Carbide Chisel Chain

(1) Pair of Ear Plugs

(1) Pair of Gloves

(1) Bottle of 2 Cycle Oil

(1) One Gallon Gas Can

(1) Treadplate Storage Box

(1) Drive Belt

(1) Fuel Cap

(1) Starter Cord

(1) HD Air Filter Cartridge

(5) Pre Filters

(1) Spark Plug

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