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Vibco SCR-50 Adjustable Electric Vibrator


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Vibco SCR50 Adjustable Force & Frequency Electric Vibrator, consists of a rugged, permanent magnet DC motor, and a SCR DC Speed Control.

The control box of the SCR-50 Electric Vibrator comes complete with a combination ON - OFF Switch & Single Turn Speed Control Potentiometer, fuse, and a cord with a standard NEMA 5-15P 3-prong plug, ready to be connected to 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH. power.

This electro vibrator offers adjustable speed 0 - 4000 Vibrations per Minute (VPM). Continuous duty from 950 to 2500 VPM. 50 lbs. of force maximum.

Shipping Weight: 7.066 lbs

Where to Use SCR Adjustable Speed and Force Vibrators

BINS & CHUTES: Controlled feed - go from trickle to torrent, even with hard to move materials.

PACKAGING: Select and settle. Get the ideal shake for optimum densification and settling.

SCREENING: Fast, non-binding. For sifting, scalping and sorting, controlled vibration gives fastest and most complete results.

TEST TABLES: Verify part integrity, simulate handling and over the road transportation. Low cost, full range control gives multiple speeds, "G" values and amplitudes necessary to meet most specs.

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