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Bradley Pressurized Eye / Face Wash with Drench Hose


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Bradley Model S19-672 is ideal for providing emergency protection in areas where permanent water supply is not available. Supplements permanent eyewash fixture installations. Five-gallon pressure tank is constructed of stainless steel. 25" (635mm) high and 8" (216mm) outside diameter. Weighs 14 lbs. empty and 43 lbs. full. S19-680 weighs-27 lbs. empty and 56 lbs. full. Eyewash heads are chrome-plated brass. Tire filler valve with 0160 PSI air gauge. 8' handheld hose spray has chrome-plated metal parts. Flow from hose maintained approximately 2 minutes. Flow from eyewash approximately 8 minutes. Hose burst strength is 450 PSI.

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