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Nolan RS-3 Rail Skate


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Nolan RS-3 Rail Skate

• Manufactured using lightweight, fabricated steel

• Designed to prevent flat spots or other damage when wheels are locked and skidding occurs

• Can slow moving rail cars, or hold standing rail cars, even when on a slight downgrade

• Lightweight yet sufficiently sturdy for flat switching and hump yard applications to control unwanted car movement

• Easily handled by one person, yet are tough and durable enough to meet track yard car handling requirements


• Lightweight Skate: The RS-3 is a lighter weight skate (20 lbs) with heavy-duty performance!

• Fabricated from High Strength Steel: Allows the skate’s toe (or tip) to resist wear – will take a long time for the tip to wear down.

• Versatility: Fits rail heads between 2-1/2? and 3-3/16? in width (85-141 lb rail sizes).

• Flared Guide Lugs: Allows skate side (guide) lugs to pass through misaligned rail section joints.

• Sleek Narrow Design: Provides a skate that more easily allows wheel tread to mount the toe (or tip) of skate without exact positioning.


• FITS RAIL : 85-140lb(39-63kg)

• WEIGHT :20lbs.(9kg)

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