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Single End Derail


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Nolan PD-4L Portable Derail.

Order Information: Order includes Nolan PD-4L Left Throw Derail. SOLD SEPARATELY: Low Profile Sign Staff (PDF-LP) and double-sided Derail Sign in blue (BF-2D) or red (BF-9D).

The PD-4L Portable Derail is one of Nolan Company’s low-profile models. It is a single-end left throw derail.

PD-4 derails are fabricated from high-strength steel, and completely redesigned for increased effectiveness and ease of installation.

Derails are manufactured using a proven design and a lower height above the rail head. They will derail all rolling stock including mainline locomotives when installed and used properly.


• DERAIL TYPE : single end left-hand throw

• FITS :4-5/8"to 6-1/2"(70-110lb rail)

• WEIGHT : 42lbs. (19.05kg)

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