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Nolan CW-3L Rerailer, Left 30-60 LB Rail


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Nolan CW-3L Rerailer

� Designed specifically for mine, quarry, and industrial applications

� Used in pairs, right and left

� Special guide groove design permits re-tracking wheels from either or both sides simultaneously

� Steel cam tightens and locks against the rail head as the car wheel tries to push the rerailer

� Works efficiently even with unusually high or badly worn wheel flanges

CW rerailers are sold per unit, but must be used in pairs � a pair consists of one right-hand rerailer (CW-3R) and one left-hand rerailer (CW-3L).



� RAIL SIZE: 30-60lb

� WEIGHT: 50lbs.each(23kg)

NOTE: CW Rerailers are NOT RECOMMENDED for multiple rerailments. A rerailment may cause stress points which may result in failure.

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