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Nolan CS-50 Car Stop, Clamp Type 60-141 LB Rail


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Nolan CS-50 Car Stop

Nolan’s model CS-50 is a single-end car stop designed to be bolted and clamped to exposed rails.*

• Manufactured with special ductile alloy steel

• Best used in situations when bumping posts (heavier and more expensive) are not required

• Tough and durable, yet easy to handle and install

• Attached to the rail using four bolts and two

• Wedge design allows the car stops to tighten their hold on the rail

IMPORTANT NOTE: CS-50 Car Stops are sold per unit, but must be used in pairs (2 CS-50‘s).

• MODEL# : CS-50

• HEIGHT ABOVE RAIL : 16-5/8"(422mm)

• RAIL SIZE : 4-1/4'TO7-7/16(60-141lb)

• WEIGHT : 135lbs.each (61kg)

*CS-50 Car Stops are designed for EXPOSED RAIL TRACK. When the CS-50 car stops are used with flush rail or crane rail, the track area will require some modification for their proper installation. If you have flush rail (rails encased in pavement), contact before ordering.

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