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Tractel Stretchfor Rescue Lanyard C526H/R


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Tractel designed the C526H/R Stretchfor Rescue Lanyard as a dual purpose Shock Absorbing Lanyard that responds to both fall arrest and rescue applications. This Force1 Lanyard stretches from 4 1/2 to 6 ft (1.4 to 1.8 m).

The primary function of of model C526HR is to serve as a shock absorber which arrests a fall by reducing the impact forces and absorbing the energy that occurs during the fall.

The Tractel Stretchfor Rescue Lanyardís secondary function is to act as a rescue line by providing an in-line connection point which allows the victim to be raised or lowered safely after the fall.

The Rescue Ring on the C526HR Force1 Lanyard allows the rescue team an easy access connection point so that the Rescue Lanyard, which is under tension of the victimís weight, can be disconnected from the userís anchorage point allowing for a more effective and time efficient rescue.

One of the primary industries the Tractel C526H/R Lanyard is used in is the wind industry, but it is also a popular Rescue Lanyard for Tower Climbing, Steel Erection, Scaffold Erection and General Construction.

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