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Telescoping and Measuring Tool with Case


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Hubble C4031022EM Telescoping Fiberglass Stick is certified to OSHA dialectric requirements (Sub-part V, section 1926.951). This Insulated Telescoping Handtool does more than separate measuring sticks and disconnect tools.

To measure pole heights and conductor clearances from the ground, this linesmen tool is marked with both English and Metric scales. Measuring scales are easy-to-read, large black figures silkscreened on Chance orange fiberglass sections.

English scales are marked with each 1-foot increment designated in a box, each inch in bold numbers and half-inches designed by intermediate bars. Metric scales similarly display meters, decimeters and centimeters. Order includes P621-5 Storage Case.

Retracted Length: 67 in (1.7 m), Extended Length: 22 - 26 - 30.5 - 35 ft
Base Diameter: 2.5" (63 mm),Number of Sections: 8
Storage Bag: P621-5 (Included)

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