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3M BeamWalk Sliding Beam Anchor

3M BeamWalk Sliding Beam Anchor

This fall protection beamwalk adjustable sliding anchor provides horizontal mobility on I-beams. Attach overhead or at your feet using a PowerStop energy absorbing lanyard. Lightweight aluminum construction, quick and easy installation.

3M Fall Protection equipment has earned the confidence of companies and workers across the country by offering a broad line of fall protection products and systems. With products designed to meet fall protection standards, we're committed to meeting your unique fall protection needs with our focus on custom solutions for your job site.

Anchorage devices provide the necessary tie-off to complete a fall protection system. Our temporary anchorage devices are each rated to 5000 lbs. to withstand the substantial forces applied during a fall. By offering a diverse line of both fabricated and web-based anchorage options, 3M is able to provide an reusable anchor for most any job site and help promote effective fall protection.

Features & Benefits

Lightweight aluminum anchor

Adjusts from both sides

Beveled sliders allow smooth movement along the beam moving with the worker

Can be used at foot level but must be used with Powerstop 12 ft. Freefall energy absorbing lanyard


Dimension Requirements: Fits beams up to 12 inch wide and 1 inch thick

Weight Rating: 5,000 lb

Material: Aluminum Alloy; Alloy Steel; Stainless Steel; Aluminum Bronze

Compliance Standards: ANSI Z359.1-07