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Aldon 4025-11 Traction Motor Powered Lifting Dolly


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Aldon 4025-04 Aluminum Miracle Cart (2 Piece)

When a drop table is not available for removing traction motors from locomotives. After the locomotive chassis has been raised with powered screw jacks, workers can roll the Dolly into position under the pivot end of the traction motor without having to step underneath the locomotive chassis.

Standing in the clear, a worker can raise the hydraulic arms 15 in. to adjust elevation of the pivot end of the motor.

Saddle between the lifting rams accepts an oak pad to cushion the load. Pad eyes on the Dolly permit workers to chain the motor to the dolly to prevent slippage. Long chains can also be attached to the Dolly frame for hauling the motor out from under the raised locomotive.


Dolly frame welded steel with chrome-alloy joint pins. Min. saddle height above rails: 9in. Max. saddle height above rails: 24 in. Lifting range: 15 in. Wheel tread dia: 10 in. Rolling clearance of Dolly frame above rail: 1"


2-stage severe duty Simplex brand hand pump: 10,000 psi Cylinder: 25-ton single action, spring-return Simplex ram Fittings: quick disconnect with thread lock

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