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Aldon 4022-15 Gauge Restraint Reader


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Aldon 4022-15 Gauge Restraint Reader

Makes FRA-mandated inspection of yard tracks easier.

At a comfortable walking pace, one worker can verify no-load track gauge, then stop at intervals to apply 4000 lbs. side pressure to rails, simulating the effect of locomotive wheels on rail.

Reader conforms to FRA213.110 and 213.53(b) requirements for accurately measuring gauge restraint.

Hinged pressure bar swings down to check gauge restraint at any desired point. Two-speed hydraulic pump advances and retracts pressure bar. Ends of pressure bar contact rail web fillet with 4000 lbs. force.

Telescopic assembly rolls freely through switches and over guard rails and rail crossings. Insulated roller bearings measure gauge 5/8" below top of rail. Bearings can be adjusted lower to clear overflow rail.

Weight 103 lbs. (breaks down into three sections, each less than 35 lbs.

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