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Aldon 4020-05 Gatemaster I


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Aldon 4020-05 Gatemaster I

The Gatemaster is a compact, simple-to-use manual tool for hard-to-open gates. Through planetary gear reduction in the Gatemaster head, the worker's handle effort is multiplied 18-1/2 times � a considerable mechanical advantage. A maximum torque output of 3,200 ft.-lbs (enough to open almost all gates) can be achieved by only 173 lbs. of handle effort. By comparison, the same effort on a 6 ft. pry bar would only produce about 1,000 ft-lbs. of torque. There is no loss of effort when using the Gatemaster. The output torque is sustained until the gate opens or the operator releases the torque.

� Weight 30 lbs.

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