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Aldon 4015-266 Customized "Car Connected" (Blue)


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Aldon 4015-266 Customized "Car Connected" (Blue)

If your company shares railroad tracks with other industries or services, customize your Blue Flag signs (or red signs) with your company name.

Identifying the sign as your property reduces the chance for unauthorized removal of the sign when rail cars are being worked, or are parked on storage tracks.

Customizing can also be a department name, track number, work function at that site, etc. OSHA portion of sign is available in Spanish and French as well a English.

Sign plates are 15 by 15 aluminum 0.080 with retro-reflective lettering and blue or red background. Your company name (or other identification) will appear in the same color as the background in a white box.

Up to 40 letters can be accommodated on one or two lines. We will send you a drawing of the sign plate to confirm what will be supplied.

Minimum of 2 plates per customized wording

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