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DBI Sala 100 Foot Self-Rescue


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DBI Sala 100 Foot Self-Rescue

DBI Sala's Self-Rescue is a detachable self rescue system that comes in a self-contained nylon pack with molded padding. This Self Rescue includes 100' of 5.5mm rope and can also be purchased in other lengths. The Self-Rescue is compatible with almost any harness and features an EZ-Link D-ring for fast connection. 


• Universal harness attachment • EZ-Link™ D-ring for fast connections • 100 ft. of 5.5 mm rope • Assisted-rescue ring for incapacitated user • Sealed descent device and rope spool extends longevity • Molded padding provides durability and comfort • Lightweight, low profile design • Equipped with i-Safe™ • Optional rescue pole available (model 8900299)


• Capacity: 1 Person = 130-310 lbs. (59-141 kg) • Size: 100 ft. (30.5 m) • Lifeline: 5.5 mm diameter 12 Strand Braided Technora® Rope • CoWorker Controlled Ascent: No • CoWorker Controlled Descent: No • Descent Type: Vertical • Pack: Nylon • Product Type: Evacuation/Escape

DBI Sala EZ-Link D-ring for quick connection The EZ-Link stand-up D-ring provides a simple, fast connection point for your lanyards or personal self-retracting lifelines. It will conveniently speed up connection and disconnection times by up to 80%, delivering time-savings every time you climb.

Universal harness attachment Add the benefits of a self-rescue device without the added expense of purchasing a new harness. The Self-Rescue retrofits to almost ANY safety harness, so you can keep wearing your current harness; the one you’re most comfortable using!

Sealed descent device and rope spool extends longevity The Self-Rescue device is a sealed system designed and tested to withstand the rigors of harsh environments.

Lightweight, low profile design Lightweight, low profile design minimizes impact on user's motion.

Assisted-rescue ring for incapacitated user If you are incapacitated after a fall and are unable to activate the Self-Rescue device, the assisted-rescue ring allows for remote access and deployment by a co-worker.

100 ft. of 5.5 mm rope With both 50 ft. and 100 ft. models to choose from, DBI-SALA Self-Rescue gives you more flexibility and convenience for whatever your work site needs may be.

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