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Tiefenbach Double Wheel Sensor (DSS)


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Tiefenbach 2N59-1R-200-45 (Western Cullen Hayes Part No: 50-0902) double wheel sensor (DSS) is a contact-less electronic sensor consisting of two individual systems that are constructed with special resonant circuits.

The mass of metal in the rail wheel flange passing over the sensor causes damping of the resonant circuits. This damping can be measured at the output of each individual system and can be further processed using a amplifier/buffer module in conjunction with an evaluation system.

The arrangement of the two systems inside the wheel sensor is selected in such a way that the pulses generated by the damping of the sensor overlap and can therefore be used for direction-dependent axle counting.

Tiefenbach Model 2N59-1R-200-45 Wheel Detector offers train position detection with direction detection and axle counting for freight and shunting traffic for speeds up to Vmax 37 mph.

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