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MSA 10121834 Workman 50' SRL, Galvanized Cable


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MSA 10121834 Workman 50' SRL, Galvanized Cable

MSA’s new 10121834 Workman SRL galvanized cable provides the best value for your money. With lightweight design and durable, thermoplastic housing with impact-absorbing bumpers, the MSA 10121834 Workman SRL will not only be accepted by users, but also provides years of dependable service.


  • RFID-enabled product simplifies product tracking and inspection
  • Integral, ergonomic carrying handle for easier transport and installation
  • 400-lb/136 kg working capacity for increased versatility
  • Swivel snaphook with load indicator at lifeline end greatly limits twisting of cable; also alerts users that the Workman SRL has been involved in a fall
  • Available in 30- and 50-ft/9 and 15 m lengths to provide the mobility you need
  • Available with galvanized or stainless steel lifeline to fit your varied applications
  • These require a carabiner to attach to anchor point: 10089207 Carabiner,1" gate opening, (small), 10089209 Carabiner,2.1" gate opening, (large)

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