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MSA 10113287 Rope Grab, Trailing, NO attached lanyard


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MSA 10113287 Trailing Rope Grab Fall Arrester, Fits 5/8"

Rope vertical lifelines and MSA rope grabs are used together as a system. The MSA 10113287 Rope Grabs are designed as a means of fall arrest between a worker wearing a compatible full-body harness and a suitable fall arrest anchorage. Applications include roofing, ladder climbing, general construction and tower climbing.


  • Versatile, lightweight, hands-free operation while ascending or descending
  • Rigorous research and development drives unmatched quality, making sure tomorrow is even safer than today
  • Ultra-smooth travel action
  • Products are designed side-by-side with end users
  • Available in permanent and temporary models
  • Uses a stainless steel fall arrester

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